For nearly 20 years, successful business sponsorships have enabled Clean Air Partners to leverage a modest advertising and public relations budget to achieve far greater results. Messages encourage residents throughout the Washington-Baltimore Metropolitan region to adopt voluntary actions in response to Code Orange and Red days, and as a result reduce their impact on the environment and protect their health. The message has called for the reduction of pollution through a series of simple, easy, voluntary actions that can be taken by everyone without significant disruptions to their lives. One highly visible element of our campaign is our work with the news media to broadcast warnings on radio and television weather reports. These messages alert the public when air quality is unhealthy and can pose significant health risks.

Your organization's sponsorship is key to the success of the Clean Air Partners Public Awareness Campaign. As a sponsor, your company’s name will be put on the airwaves throughout the Washington or Baltimore media markets for a fraction of the cost of this prominent media placement.

For more information on becoming a sponsor, contact Jen Desimone at 202-962-3360 or