Beveridge & Diamond
Beveridge & Diamond
Last May, Beveridge & Diamond was a finalist in the first ever Clean Air Partners / Maryland Green Registry Clean Commute Contest. The impressive program they have developed is reducing employee commuting miles by more than 50%. The Baltimore office of this leading environmental law firm has developed an exemplary model for others to follow.

Beveridge & Diamond is a nationally recognized law firm with offices located throughout the country. Originally established in Washington, DC, Beveridge & Diamond has grown to become one of the oldest firms in the nation, concentrating on all aspects of environmental law and litigation.

The Baltimore office submitted an entry in the Clean Commute Contest last May. The outlined strategies of diverse, employee driven, commuting mile reductions were impressive. The 14 employees enjoy flexible schedules that allow for efficient use of public transportation. They also have taken the initiative to live in close proximity to their offices that has eased the burden of long commutes. Overall they are on pace to eliminate approximately 56 thousand commuting miles.

The results of the Clean Commute Contest certainly stand out, but that only begins to highlight their commitment to sustainability. They continue to participate in numerous environmentally beneficial EPA programs. The Green Power Partnership, which promotes the use of renewable electricity, WasteWise, a waste minimization and recycling program, and the energy efficiency and conservation program Energy Star, are a few other initiatives that have become part of the Beveridge & Diamond culture.

It is also worth noting that the Beveridge & Diamond offices in Washington and Baltimore are both LEED certified. Management is clearly striving to make Beveridge & Diamond a leader in sustainability and employees have responded. Commuting does not have to mean driving to work. Flexible schedules are helpful when utilizing public transportation and geographic considerations can have an impact on both monetary and air quality expenses.

For a more complete snapshot of sustainability practices at Beveridge & Diamond please visit their website here.