Dulles Area Transportation Association
Dulles Area Transportation Association
The Dulles Area Transportation Association (DATA) is a leading voice for smart transportation solutions in northern Virginia. The growth of the Dulles Corridor is undeniable and DATA provides a critical link between businesses and transportation planners that enables prudent sustainable solutions to complex issues.

As a Transportation Management Association, DATA operates in a 160 square mile area in northern Virginia. They serve the dual purpose of representing local businesses during transportation related discussions, while also informing those businesses about a wide-range of solutions.

Working closely with fellow Clean Air Partner - Commuter Connections, DATA emphasizes the environmental benefits of a robust transportation portfolio. DATA members are provided information about transit, vanpools, carpools, telework, and even pedestrian friendly alternatives.

DATA’s commitment to smart solutions goes even further when they take the time to visit local employers and educate employees about available options. Over the years Clean Air Partners has been invited to join DATA at many of these outings and the combined message has proven powerful. A fundamental relationship between transportation solutions, environmentally sustainability, and cost savings is clear; Partners like DATA help illuminate that link and motivate thousands every year to take simple steps.

Lead by Executive Director, Jim Larsen and Business Services Manager, Lynn Bostain, DATA has developed a proven track record of success. The growth of the Dulles Corridor is a testament to their work and the power of cooperation between local business and local government.

To learn more about DATA and their 26 years of service to the community please visit their website here.