Board Leadership
board leadership

Fatemeh Allahdoust


Fatemeh has a Master's degree in Urban and Regional Planning with over 27 years of experience in Transportation Planning at Virginia Department of Transportation in the Northern Virginia Office. She is currently working in the field of Transportation Demand Management and manages several regional and corridor wide projects.

board leadership

Janiece Timmons

Vice Chair

Janiece has over 20 years of experience in the field of public transportation within the Baltimore-Washington region in the areas of marketing, communications, community outreach, sales, and sustainability. She works for Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority focusing on corporate business with Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and the private sector to support programs for employer commuter benefits.


Jen Desimone

Managing Director

jdesimone@mwcog.org   |   202.962.3360

With more than 20 years of experience in air quality – including forecasting, planning, outreach, marketing, and data visualization – Jen serves as Clean Air Partners Managing Director and Air Program Chief with the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments.


Nicole Hebert

Baltimore Metropolitan Region Coordinator

nhebert@baltometro.org   |   410.732.0500 x 1050

Nicole earned her Master's Degree in Environmental Science and Policy from Johns Hopkins University in 2020. With seasoned experience in transportation environmental planning and project level air quality analysis – Nicole serves as support staff for Clean Air Partners and Air Quality Planner with the Baltimore Metropolitan Council.

Board of Directors

Olivia Achuko

District of Columbia Department of Energy and Environment

Gary Allen

Center for Chesapeake Communities

Susan Anenberg

George Washington University

John Bullock

City of Baltimore

Austina Casey

District Department of Transportation

Matthew Chen


Phil Croskey

MD Energy Advisors

William Ellis


Tracye Funn

Washington Gas

Judy Galen

Commuter Connections

Sylvia Glass

Loudoun County

Mary Haberl

Virginia Green Initiative

Dawn Hawkins-Nixon

Prince George’s County

Randy Mosier

Maryland Department of the Environment

Brian O'Malley

Central Maryland Transportation Alliance

Dayna Paszkiet

Enterprise RideShare

Dr. Janet Phoenix

Breathe DC

John Quinn

Baltimore Gas & Electric

Jennifer Raley

Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative

Robin Rubin


Sheila Ruth

Maryland House of Delegates

Najib Salehi

Loudoun County

Mike Sowko

National Weather Service

Kari Snyder

Maryland Department of Transportation

Janiece Timmons


Glenna Tinney

Citizen Representative

Kudret Utebay

The Cadmus Group

Kristen Willard

COPD Foundation