Ozone Action Week

Clean Air Partners is proud to host our inaugural Ozone Action Week August 3-7, 2020 – a week all about the small steps we can take to help improve air quality during hot summer months when ground-level ozone is greatest. Breathing in ground-level ozone can reduce lung function by 20% and trigger health reactions by those most sensitive to poor air quality – children, older adults, those with asthma, respiratory or pulmonary conditions, athletes, and those most often outdoors.
Each day during Ozone Action Week, Clean Air Partners will provide information and tips around a different theme that local residents can use to make their habits better for air quality, including a daily social media challenge.
Monday, August 3rd – Cool Down
Running your air conditioner continually on hot summer days can run up your electricity bill and your emissions. Learn how to save energy and money from our board member SMECO. There are lots of easy ways to stay cool while reducing your carbon footprint and your energy bills. Use fans, set your air conditioner a few degrees warmer, or cool off in an inflatable pool.
Cool Down Action: Share a photo of how you and your family keep cool and energy efficient with #CAPOzoneAction
Tuesday, August 4th – Exercise Safe
The summer heat can make the air quality dangerous for outdoor exercise. Be sure to always check the air quality index before undertaking an outdoor workout. If the air quality is orange or red, choose an indoor workout instead, especially if you’re a member of a sensitive group.
Exercise Safe Action: Check today’s air quality index and select a safe workout. Share you exercise selfie with #CAPOzoneAction
Wednesday, August 5th – Plant Smart
Plants and trees take carbon dioxide out of the air and release oxygen, cleaning the air and reducing pollution. Planting a garden or tree can be a beautiful way to improve air quality and a garden can be delicious. Native plants and wildflowers attract pollinators, too! It’s important to also make sure that you’re maintaining your garden and lawn with green equipment – opt for electric lawnmowers and gardening tools, and avoid pesticides and other chemicals in favor of natural options.
Plant Smart Action: Were you part of the quarantine gardening trend? We want to see your CO2-breathing, air-cleaning plant babies and garden hauls – take a photo, tag us, and include #CAPOzoneAction
Thursday, August 6th  – Travel Green
Driving gas-powered vehicles is the number one way most of us contribute to ground-level ozone pollution. Use alternative forms of transportation, like walking, biking or an electric or hybrid vehicle.  Learn more about EVs from our board member Pepco. If you must drive a gas-powered vehicle, lower your emissions by filling up your tank after dark, keeping your tires properly inflated, and consolidating your errands to minimize driving.
Travel Green Action: Post a picture of your green ride with #CAPOzoneAction
Friday, August 7th   – Cook with Conscience
It’s summer grilling season. Did you know that gas and electric grills are better for the air quality than charcoal grills? Learn more about gas grills from our board member Washington Gas. Whether you’re grilling out or cooking in, local produce and ingredients also reduce the overall carbon footprint of your meal by reducing emissions from food transportation.
Cook with Conscience Action: Show us what you’re grilling up with #CAPOzoneAction

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