Clean Air Partners Board Meeting - Thu Jan 19

Thu Jan 19, 12:00 PM - Thu Jan 19, 2:00 PM

Download the Curriculum

The On the Air curriculum includes seven units that are:

  • Tied to and cross referenced to both your required curriculum and your state’s education standards
  • Interactive, including hands-on activities, labs, and investigations
  • Inquiry based and designed to develop critical thinking skills
  • Complete with background information, student worksheets, teaching props, and visual aids
  • Relevant, fun, and engaging for students 


Air Quality Forecast Widget

Receive the most current air quality forecast information by downloading the Air Quality Forecast Widget. The widget can easily be placed on your website and includes the daily and 3-day air quality forecast, a clean air tip of the day, and connects you directly to the Clean Air Partners website.


Download the Air Quality App

Get real-time air quality information and protect your health. The Clean Air Partners app allows residents living in the Metropolitan Washington-Baltimore region to get daily air quality forecasts, current air quality information, and alerts when the air is unhealthy to breathe.


Air Quality Resources

Staying up-to-date on the current and forecasted air quality for your area will help inform your daily decisions to protect your health and reduce pollution in our region.