For the past 20 years, Clean Air Partners has worked with local businesses, schools, private and public organizations, sports and recreation groups, and media to create year-round campaigns and initiatives to empower individuals and businesses to reduce air pollution and protect public health through unique, customizable, and innovative campaigns.
Clean Air Partners’ programs, campaigns, and materials demonstrate how our mission is helping to improve the region’s air quality and raising awareness

“We would like to thank Clean Air Partners for the opportunity to connect with organizations dedicated to improving air quality." 
Grace Anne Dorney Koppel, President of the COPD Foundation
About Us


For more than 20 years, we have empowered individuals and organizations to take simple actions to reduce pollution and protect public health. Our organization originally started as a joint task force to meet the federal standards under the Clean Air Act.  In 1997, a public-private partnership was formed through its founding partners, the Metropolitan Washington Council of Government and the Baltimore Metropolitan Council, officially establishing Clean Air Partners as the local air quality experts in the metropolitan Baltimore-Washington region.


Our Team

Consisting of staff, a 31-person Board, and member organizations, Clean Air Partners’ team is led by air quality, environmental, and transportation experts on behalf of local businesses and corporations, advocacy and community groups, and government organizations from across the greater metropolitan Baltimore-Washington region.


Stay in-the-know and check out your daily air quality forecast for the greater metropolitan Baltimore-Washington region. Our helpful guide uses the U.S. EPA’s Air Quality Index (AQI) rating air quality with color codes and levels of air pollution. Healthy air quality is reflected in Code Green, while poor air quality is reflected in Code Orange, Red, and Purple (very unhealthy).


"Partnering with Clean Air Partners has helped get the word out about the savings offered by vanpooling with Enterprise RideShare. Not only are vanpoolers saving time and money on their commutes in the DMV, but they are saving the air from unnecessary added pollution by taking more cars off the roads."

Dayna Paszkiet, Enterprise RideShare.